About the project

Reintegration of persons with disabilities into the labour market is subject to special attention in all European countries. However, the existing measures have not always been effective and, people with disabilities do not always maintain long-term jobs. Increasing their employment rate and maintaining long-term employment require to development advisory and educational services, application of different forms of support programmes, awareness-raising campaigns on the situation of people with disabilities in society as a whole, as well as the sensitizing of the public and increasing the empathy of employers.

In the framework of this project, we plan to carry out in-depth interviews with persons with disabilities successful at the labour market round table discussions with the labour market actors, conduct questionnaire-based surveys among employers and, building upon international recommendations and identified success factors of the integration of PWDs, we want to contribute to their reintegration into the labour market. 

Recognising good experiences and approaches from abroad in the area of successful reintegration of the target group generates an added value and the synergic effect leading to innovative ideas, which will be applied by the professional team in the process of creating innovative education for the direct target group and an innovative service package for the employers.

Developing the knowledge and experience of the professional team, innovative education and the service package for employers to increase their empathy will create favourable conditions for the reintegration of people with disabilities, by which we will contribute to the fulfilment of one of the objectives of the EU 2020 strategy – achieving 75% employment of the labour force (aged 20-64 years) and create a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.